Cedar Barrier Free Occupational Therapy Construction Specifications

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Barrier Free Occupational Therapy


Construction Specs.


1. A ramp 4’ in length should be installed in the garage area to allow Cedar weather free entry into the home at a 1:12 ratio. This ramp should be constructed to allow for 5’x5’ turning radius at the top of the ramp, then to follow the wall to the garage floor.

2. Threshold ramps should be installed at the front entry door and 2 of the 3 sliding doors in rear of home.

3. A ramp 4’ in length should be installed from the kitchen door into the pool area to allow Cedar safe access into this area.

4. A ramp 4’ in length should be installed from the southernmost living room sliding door into the pool area.


  1. Roll-under counter space.
  2. Roll-under cook top.
  3. Wall oven.
  4. Accessible microwave to allow her to safely and independently cook.

2 options for placement of this equipment:

1. Install new equipment on the 11’9” of empty wall space between the dining room and pool door.

2. Modify existing kitchen to allow for equipment as designated below.

a. A wheelchair accessible kitchen space in the 11‘9” of empty wall space should be constructed. This will include a wall oven, microwave, and range.

i. Wall oven should be mounted with base 32” above the finished floor with pull out shelf next to oven to slide hot foods onto shelf.

ii. Range should be positioned at an accessible height for Cedar to roll-under, approximately 32.5”, with front controls.

iii. Mirror above cook top.

iv. Heat resistant surfaces on either side of cooktop.

3. Roll-under kitchen sink with shallow basins (7” deep) mounted in counter top 32.5”.

b. Insulate the sink pipes.

Master Bedroom and Bathroom:

  1. Remove slider door from current master bath to pool area, as this is a safety hazard.
  2. Build an addition onto the south side of the home with access through the smallest bedroom that will be an accessible master bedroom, bathroom, and therapy area.

a. The entire area should have accessible, smooth flooring.

b. The newly constructed master bathroom should have 5’x5’ turning radius near the sink and toilet.

i. Roll-under sink access at counter height at 32.5” from finished floor to under countertop with sufficient counter space (approximately 4’) to allow for positioning of items with grooming tasks.

ii. At least 1 electrical outlet just above the counter to allow for easy access to electrical items (ex. hair dryer, electric toothbrush).

iii.Accessible pull-out drawers or pantry for storage of items.

iv.Barrier-free shower.

1. Fixed showerhead and handheld with mount near 32.5”.

2. Shelf in shower area at 32.5” to store shampoo, soap, etc. during shower.

3. Bedroom should be at least 18’x 13’ to allow for wheelchair 5x5 free floor area outside of shower to allow for accessibility in and out of shower.

3. Master Bedroom.

a. The master closet if walk-in should have a 36” wide door, and minimal 5‘x5’ free floor space for turning once inside or could be a wall closet with 5’x 5’ turning radius in front of the closet.

i. Clothing storage in form of accessible drawers and rods for hanging items at approximately 36” in height.

b. The master bedroom should have an emergency access door built-in, at least 36” in width, with concrete pathway to connect this door to the driveway in case of an emergency.

i. Ramp at the emergency exit should be a 5’x 5’ landing platform at the top, 3’ wide ramp and 1:12 slope.

Design for addition available upon request.

Bedroom #2:

1. This room will be remodeled to allow for 36” wide minimum access into the newly constructed addition.

2. The remainder of the room, 5‘11.25”x10’, should serve as an accessible laundry area.

a. A wheelchair accessible table at 32.5” height should be installed for clothing management.

b. Front-loading washer and dryer should be on bases to raise height and allow Cedar easy access for clothing retrieval.


  1. Lift system to safely enter and exit the pool.

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