Rane RH4 Walk-In Mobility Tub is a Dud.

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We installed a Rane Handicap Bathtub-Model RH4 in December 2009. I like the look of the tub and it was the only tub I had found that could be transferred into directly from a wheelchair and that had a space underneath to allow a lift to slide under.
The tub was for a severely impaired child being taken care of by her grandmother. The child had no postural control and very little voluntary movement so she needed aggressive positioning to be safe in the bathtub. I was able to have a custom bath chair made for her and the bathtub set up has worked wonderfully until we started having problems with the tub about 6 months after installation.
The Rane RH4 tub came preassembled and was installed by licensed builders and plumbers. Six months after installation the Rane RH4 Handicap tub began to leak around the door. We called the company we bought it from, Superior Walk-In tubs, they sent us directions on how to adjust the door.  
Then 3 weeks ago, 11 months after we installed the Rane RH4 the tub began to leak horribly. The seal/gasket on the door was coming off, the adhesive was coming apart so again I called Superior Walk-In Tubs, every day for 5 days no one knew what to do and no one called me back.
So I called the manufacturer, Rane and explained about the seal coming off the door and the problems I had with Superior Walk-In Tubs. It turns out Rane had never heard of Superior Walk-In Tubs and they were not dealers for their tubs.
Dealers or not we still had one of their tubs that was manufactured only a week or two before we received it and our tub was leaking horribly. The Rane people told us we needed to install a new gasket so we asked them to send us one right away, they said okay but we need to pay for shipping. So we agreed and asked them to send it to us immediately, it took a little over a week to get the part. Seal coming off at bottom of tub door.

When we received the part there was no adhesive. I called and they told me just to get adhesive from a hardware store. We installed the new gasket and the tub still leaks. Three phone calls later and of course me paying for the shipping again they are shipping us a new gasket. Turns out last time they forgot to include the instructions for how to apply the adhesive and set the seal.
Cross your fingers it will work this time. The service at Rane and the Rane RH4 Stockton tub were both a big disappointment.
We have only installed one Rane RH4 tub, we will never install another one. We have installed other walk-in tubs and so far all is well. Does anyone have another walk-in tub they would recommend or not recommend?


Roy Henry said...

I purchased an RH4 tub for our second home in KY and the tub is used very little. After just over one year from installation the shower nozzel cannot be shut off and water continuest to flow even after the shower lever is closed. The lever has a very soft feel and does not operate as solidly as when it was new.

I contacted the distributor from whom I purchased the tub and was offered repair parts for which I had to pay over $15 for shipping. The parts consisted of two O rings and a allen wrench. Given the limited use I feel that Rane should have repaired the tub on site at no cost to me. I definitely should not have had to pay retail price for parts to fix what is obviously a warranty defect.

Roy Henry

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Karen K Koch said...

It's unfortunate that this tubs are such poor quality, it's frustrating and costly for families.

bran don said...

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Karen K Koch said...

Thanks Brandon, unfortunately my experience with this tub isn't uncommon. Cheers.

Nathan King said...

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Karen Koch said...

Thanks Nathan. I highly discourage any of my clients from buying any walk-in tub after having to maintain this tub for the past several years. The door leaking seems to be an issue over and over again.

Seniors Bathroom said...

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