Ipad Mounting System for Wheelchairs

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iPad Mounting System by Enabling Devices
iPad Mounting System 
The iPad can be an effective tool for people with disabilities but can also be a challenge for them to harness because of its design. Our new iPad Mounting System #1556 is a terrific three-part, adjustable iPad holder that displays the iPad where the user can easily access it.

It consists of a hard rubber clamp that can be securely mounted to a wheelchair, bedrail, or table without the risk of scratching. The clamp holds a sturdy light metal arm with which you can adjust both the height and the angle at which the iPad sits. This arm then attaches to the platform that holds the iPad. There are two built-in bungees that hug each end of the iPad and nonskid feet that negate any sliding. All ports remain accessible.

With our mounting system you have the ability to put the iPad in the optimal position for the user without any worry. Its versatility and durability gives you the freedom to reposition your iPad any number of times in any number of places. No tools are required so setup is simple.

Has anyone tried this?  Any thoughts?

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Lightweight wheelchair said...

Great! I can now mount my ipad into my wheelchair. Nice idea guys!

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