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Universal/accessible design of the home from an occupational therapy and a construction perspective. This blog is part of a quest for cool, convenient, functional design that makes life safer, easier, and as maintenance-free as possible. It's about the lifestyle.
I'm an accessible design fanatic. I read anything I can find on accessible design and universal design. Although I would like to change the world's perceptions of universal design so it can be seen as it should be; beautiful, elegant, luxuriant and convenient, the fact is I'm an occupational therapist.

I help people get the accessible home modifications that make their lives easy and independent by medically justifying the modifications to their insurance companies. Having this privilege, a medical background and an intense interest in home modifications has me in pursuit of knowledge.

Recently I attended Scott Anderle's 'ABC's of Home Modifications for Patients with Physical and Neurological Disabilities.' Scott is a physical therapist and Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) Instructor.

I had gone to a similar class he taught 4 years ago which I enjoyed and made some professional connections so I signed up for his classes in Toledo (OH) and Romulus (MI.) I'm looking to hire more therapists to do home evaluations and thought getting to know therapists with these interests would be a good start.

The audience at the conference included:
  • Occupational Therapists.
  • Physical Therapists.
  • Interior Designers.
  • Case Managers.
  • Builders.
I found Scott to be very knowledgeable. I was surprised at how informative the lectures were and enjoyed the conversations in the class. I also had fun, Scott was a fun teacher. He was able to laugh at himself and his passion for his subject was infectious.

The 'ABC's of Home Modifications' covered modifying a home for full home accessibility as well as a breakdown of how to write reports. Scott went over various aspects of home accessibility from the mailbox to how to build a barrier free shower.

The class was broken down into the following sections:
  • Overview of Home Modification- 'The Players and the Process.'
  • Principals and Definitions for Universal and Accessible Home Design.
  • What to Include in a Home Evaluation Report (very important.)
  • What Every Therapist Needs to Know about Kitchens but are Afraid to Ask.
  • Making Your Client's Bathroom Functional.
  • Then a Case Study on a Home.
Scott also gave resources for:
  • Adaptive Equipment.
  • Specialty Products for Accessibility.
  • Funding Sources.
  • How to Code for Services so Insurance Will Pay for Services.

Scott has also developed an evaluation to ensure that no point of home accessibility is missed and when the evaluation sheet has been filled out just input the information into a webware program and it gives you a report. The name of this is the CHER it's free and well worth taking a look.

Click on Logo to go to learn more about CHER.

I was so very impressed, educated and entertained with the conferences I attended by Scott I have now become a Scott Anderle groupie.

Scott will be offering more courses on home accessibility products and writing home evaluations. I recommend any of Scott Anderle's courses as a must to anyone working in the accessible/home modification field.

Click here to see Scott Anderle's Conference Schedule.

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