Bariatric Toilet Seat Options

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There are some rights that everyone deserves:
  • Freedom of speech.
  • Freedom to move.
  • Freedom for privacy and sensitivity with toileting issues.
When encumbered with medical complications and increased weight, toileting issues grow harder. Take for example, the toilet seat. Built for the average population, standard toilet seats often break with increased weight and the torque from uneven weight distribution when sitting and standing; snapping hinges.

Enter the Big John Toilet Seat. Engineered for comfort with toileting, the reviews of this seat are not too bad. Big John Toilet Seats are:
  • Latex Free
  • Fit elongated or round toilets
  • ADA compliant
  • 19" wide, 19" long, and 2.5" taller than a standard toilet seat
  • Made in the USA (go team!)
Rubber pads on the bottom of the Big John grip the toilet seat to the bowl as the user sits, minimizing torque and saving the hinges. It's durable, made with stainless steel hinges, and is rated to hold 1200lbs. They also come with a open or closed front seat. The Big John Standard Toilet Seat is only 1.5" taller than a standard toilet seat and is rated to 800lbs.
**Different websites report differing warranties on the Big John toilet seats. It's best to check with the manufacturer.

If the added height isn't what you need, the Solution ComfortSeat Extra-Wide Heavy-Duty Bariatric Toilet Seat is your answer.

Built for durability, this seat also has rubber bumpers and heavy-duty chrome fixtures. More features include:
  • Extra-wide seat
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Fits elongated and round toilets
  • 12 month warranty
Many of the reviews reported people of all shapes and sizes using these seats, and liking them because of their comfort. While visitors often gave them the odd-eye at first, they walked out of the bathroom smiling. Who knows? Maybe these seats will change the world.

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Suseo said...

We're just getting started with a remodel of our kitchen and our master bath to make them wheelchair accessible. Your blog, which I only just discovered, is hugely helpful. I notice you haven't posted since the summer--I hope this doesn't mean you've decided to wrap up this blog. So many good ideas and so much useful information . . . I hope you'll be back!