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This post is based from Miller and Tischler P.C. a legal firm specializing in catastrophic injuries in Southfield, MI. 
As the holiday season is upon us and our year comes to an end, the legislature continues to debate a bill that threatens to reduce our current system of catastrophic coverage. The bill currently under consideration would allow people to choose coverages down to $500,000.  Many if not most people would choose this coverage out of ignorance, which would then prove grossly and tragically inadequate in the event of a catastrophic motor vehicle accident. As the discussion has advanced over recent months, it has become clear that there is little rationale to support this drastic change in a system that has worked so well for so many years.  The legislation won't save much money, as it is not even directed at collision/comprehensive coverages that are the real problem with Michigan auto premiums. It has also become clear that this proposed legislation would be disastrous to future injury victims, service providers, and taxpayers in general. However, the danger is not over as the bill still sits in the legislature. Please continue to contact your Senators and Representatives to express your strong, informed and heart-felt disagreement with this legislation.

Anyone interested in working to sustain Michigan's current automobile injury coverage in Michigan please post your support.  I'll be posting suggestions from Miller and Tischler, or you can contact Miller and Tischler at:  248.945.1040 or keep posted for more information.
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