ADA: New Patient Lift that Looks Great

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I love the design of the lift and how it can work anywhere and fit anywhere. Traditional lifts are so large they can be difficult to use in a residential setting. I don't like the cranks on either side of the seat though, I think that would be difficult for an elderly caregiver and I think taking it apart may be difficult as well, but I love the idea. I wonder if its available stateside. Check out this video.

Has anyone seen or used anything like this?


skjalg said...

Please have a look at Integralift an tell us want you think!

FlexiGrip said...

Yes, I have seen this type of product. It is very helpful to the transferring the patients easily. Thanks for posting this type of blog.

Karen K Koch said...

So Flexgrip, what did you think exactly of this lift and where did you see it?