Aging in Place- Fall Prevention

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Falls can be catastrophic for seniors. A broken bone may not be a big deal for a 10 year-old, but for a senior it can be an immense setback. Fortunately, with the right precautions, most falls can be avoided:
Exercise: Exercise, from tai chi to walking, decreases the risk of falls. The best exercise program is one that you or your loved one enjoy and will stick to.

Use a cane or walker: Some seniors won't use a cane or walker because they don't want to look or feel old. Don't allow yourself or your loved ones to be stubborn or vain to the point of risking health and safety.

Mind your medicines: The more medicines a senior takes, the more likely a fall is to occur. Seniors should be aware of the potential side effects of their medicines and watch out for medicines that can cause drowsiness or balance problems. For those who seem to be a serious fall risk, a complete reevaluation of medications may be in order.

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