On Monday, MHA sent an email to Dick Posthumus indicating the association’s opposition to the insurance industry’s proposals being considered in the small workgroup which primarily were to establish a new Michigan Catastrophic Claims Corporation and limit the insurers liability to only the first $500,000.  MHA indicated that it had some other thoughts as to ways to address costs and needed some time to further vet internally.  The reaction of MHA pulling away from the table, even if temporarily, was not well received and was the topic of discussion in the House Republican Caucus yesterday.  At least five members stood up and supported the comments made by Rep. Lund which were critical of MHA.  These developments sparked new rumors of the House Leadership trying to push a new bill through.  We have not seen any new proposals or a bill as of this date.  Nor do I think many, if any, of our no votes have switched positions at this time.
The situation remains a bit fluid, depending on if the Governor personally weighs in on the issue (remember, not his priority), and if the insurers decided to cut bait and wait or just get what they can with the few issues where there is some agreement that needs attention.

CPAN stays on message about its willingness to discuss reform in a different forum.  It continues to work on reform language.  Specific reform proposals  will not be pushed out to the general public at this time.  We need to continue to reach out to our no votes in the republican caucus.
I will share any new developments as they unfold.
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