Keyless Lockset Technology for Accessibility, Aging-in-Place, and Virtual Control

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Recently while doing some research I ran across more keyless entry technology.  I do love technology, and I've always been a big fan of keyless locksets.  Below are a few options for keyless entries.

The first on the scene, the basic keyless lockset with multiple combinations for multiple users.  Simple and secure, I used this for a piece of vacation rental property.  I recommend this for anyone who has caregivers coming in and out of their home, it's easy to delete someone's combination to your house.

Now there are even more options.  There are keyless entries with both a keypad combination and a key fob.  Great for people with mobility issues to unlock the door for visitors.
And now there are other options as well such as lockset that work with wireless internet such as these models that are offered by Verizon.

Another new technology on the scene is Z-Wave technology.  Z-wave  technology allows you to control many different appliances, lights, and of course the lock on your front door with a smart phone, or computer.

 And of course you can't forget fingerprint locks, the ultimate star trek security system.
What's  your favorite lockset?  Any experiences with any of these, positive or negative?

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