ADA/Universal Design: Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom Drop-in Sinks

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Drop-in sinks that will allow wheelchair accessibility have the following requirements:
  • The sink basin is 6 1/2" deep or less, this allows clearance for knees/legs when pulling a chair or a wheelchair up to the sink for activities of daily living.
  • The drain should be at the back of the basin, this allows for someone in sitting to pull up a chair or a wheelchair to the sink and there will be enough space under the sink for their legs without having to negotiate the drain pipes.
  • Mount the sink as close to the front edge of the vanity top as possible.  This will allow someone with limited forward reach to utilize the sink effectively plus hair washing in the bathroom sink will be easier.
Now where do you find these bathroom sinks that will work for a roll-under bathroom sink?  It is easy to find 'ADA bathroom sinks' but ADA sinks only need to meet the following qualifications:

ADA Accessibility Guidelines.
4.24.2 Height. Sinks shall be mounted with the counter or rim no higher than 34 in (865 mm) above the finish floor.
4.24.3 Knee Clearance. Knee clearance that is at least 27 in (685 mm) high, 30 in (760 mm) wide, and 19 in (485 mm) deep shall be provided underneath sinks. 
4.24.4 Depth. Each sink shall be a maximum of 6-1/2 in (165 mm) deep.  This is the only guideline of the advertised 'ADA' bathroom sink.
When looking for an actual sink that will allow for a wheelchair user to have full, easy access to the sink just finding a sink with a 6 1/2" deep basin isn't enough.

How do you find a wheelchair accessible bathroom sink?

So far I haven't found an easy way to find a wheelchair accessible sink other than to wade through the ADA sink specifications and find the sink with the drain in the back and the shallow basin, other than to have my assistant do it.:-)

Here are a few styles we were able to find that fit our criteria.  Anyone else find wheelchair accessible drop-in sinks that they like?  

**Drop-in sinks are not the only sinks that can be utilized for wheelchair accessible sinks, but when installing in a counter top they are the easiest and for the project I am working on right now that is what we are using.

1. Kohler 21" X 18" Vitreous China 8 Center Set Lavatory Sink Less Overflow Built-in, $200.00

2.   Kohler K-2098-8 Invitation 26" Self Rimming Bathroom Sink with 8" Centers, $408.00
3.  St. Thomas Creations 1007.000.01, $180.00


Anyone else have any favorite drop-in sinks that meet our criteria of 6 1/2" basins with drain in the back?  Please comment.

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