Michigan Auto Insurance Lawsuit for MCCA Release of Information

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Last year, the BIAMI Board of Directors filed a lawsuit against the MCCA in order to obtain the information needed to determine whether or not the claim of the insurance industry that the MCCA was not financially sustainable was accurate.  Our Association had never taken such unprecedented legal action before.  However, the possibility that approximately 8,000 people with a brain injury caused by an auto crash whose claims are reimbursed by the MCCA, as well as their families could be harmed should the MCCA not be able to pay their claims in the future demanded our action.  In December, Judge Canady ruled that the MCCA was to provide the rate making information requested without any personal identifying indicators.

Yesterday, he ruled against the MCCA's efforts to withhold the requested information until the case is heard by the Appeals Courts.  We are pleased by Judge Canady's decision but we are mindful that these two victories are part of longer legal battle yet to come.  See the CPAN News Release regarding this case, which has been sent to all media outlets throughout the state and to all of our legislators.

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