ADA: Pocket Door EZ-Closer gets 5 stars

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A great solution to make opening pocket doors easier and looks to be easy to install.

A hand pushing on the front edge of an open pocket door.
The Pocket Door EZ-Closer is a piece of hardware that makes sliding pocket doors easier to close. Pocket doors are great for Universal Design since they require minimum door maneuvering space. However, the traditional pocket door opening hardware is a small pull located on the front edge of the door that requires tight pinching and grasping to operate. The Pocket Door EZ-Closer solves this problem by allowing users to quickly and easily release a pocket door from its cavity by pushing once against the edge of the door.

The Pocket Door EZ-Closer has a spring mechanism that is compressed when the door is pushed into the pocket. Once the spring is charged, a push on the door edge will release the spring catch and propel the door open up to 10cm (around 4"). The door can then be easily closed the rest of the way. Watch the video below to see a demonstration of the Pocket Door EZ-Closer in action.

The EZ closer also prevents the pocket door from slamming into the pocket frame when the door is being opened, since the spring mechanism acts as a shock absorber. The Pocket Door EZ-Closer is easy to install and has an average installation time of less than two minutes. The only tool needed for installation is a drill, two bits and a couple of screws. The Pocket Door EZ-Closer fits most door styles, has a 5 year manufacturer's warranty and requires no maintenance.
More information on the Pocket Door EZ-Closer.

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