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Holy Bathtub! Super Spa Technology!
  • SmartHyrdro Tub from iHouseReady for the latest and greatest bathroom technology? The tub we are featuring today may count as our favorite in all the techno-related bathroom items we’ve featured so far this month.

    This technological tub by a company called iHouse, could very well be the most advanced tub we’ve seen to date. And, in the ever present move to attain more spa like features in modern bathrooms, it certainly fits (two people) right in.
    Check out some of the features the SmartHydro has to offer:
    Long day at work and want a bathr ready by the time you get home? Done. Program the tub to fill remotely from your smart phone and it will keep it at the temperature you desire until you get to it.
    7 hydromassage jets aimed at the spine and feet–and room enough for two people to enjoy their massage!
    2 memory features to allow you and your spouse to program your favorite tub temperature into the system.
    The ever popular LED Ambient lighting system (we’ve seen these in a lot of shower systems lately!)
    A fragrance feature? We weren’t actually sure how to word this one (this site we found it on is in Portuguese) BUT, you can add your favorite relaxing scent and program it to release on the control panel. Pretty cool, right?
    And last, but certainly not least, an auto clean function for when you’re finished! iHouse certainly thought of everything!
    What do you think? Is a tub like this worth a remodel to fit into your space?

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