ADA: Bed Grab Bars Better Than Safety Bedrails

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As an occupational therapist I recommend this good-looking, bed grab bar with an organizer and transfer bar to improve bed mobility and to reduce falls.  Although the transfer bar prevents loss of balance a night light is also a must for reducing falls at night.  If the light from the night light bothers you, night lights with motion detectors are a great option.

My mom has Parkinson's disease and has been having trouble with bed mobility (moving around in bed) and getting out of bed.  The trick for me is to make my parent's queen-sized bed both aesthetically pleasing and allow my mom to move independently.

Bedrails aren't good looking, nor were they really necessary my mom just needed a bit of help getting out of bed.  There are many bed grab bars on the market but the most clever, aesthetically pleasing grab bar in my opinion is the Mobility Bed Rail and Organizer.

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Now my mom doesn't have to wake up my dad to get out of bed.  The fold out grab bar on the Mobility bed rail and organizer was an extra bonus to help my mom keep her balance even after she got out of bed, an extra bonus since getting up in the middle of the night she's a little disoriented.

This bed grab bar will help reduce the chance of my mom falling which is so very vital to her health.  

The grab bar was easy to put together, no tools required.  

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Christine said...

I love my bed handle which helps me turn side to side as well as in getting up to a seated position and out of bed. I combine the handle with silky satin sheets and a satin nightgown which makes it even easier to turn over or change positions!

Karen K Koch said...

Great idea Christine and sounds like fun as well. Thank you so very much for posting.