The Michigan No-Fault System Is Under Attack! Help us Preserve Your Auto No-Fault Benefits!

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The insurance industry has introduced legislation that, if enacted, would fundamentally change the basic nature of the Michigan auto no-fault system.

The proposed Auto No-Fault Reform is changing our Michigan Auto No-fault system and if the No-Fault Reform goes through ALL of us have a lot to lose.  Please join the mailing list to receive updates and small actions you can take to protect our Auto No-Fault.

Some of the Auto No-Fault Reform legislation proposals on the table now:
  • No more lifetime medical and rehabilitation coverage.
  • Restriction of reimbursement for ‘reasonably necessary’ expenses for an injured person’s recovery, care, or rehabilitation.
  • Reduced attendant care.
  • Home modifications limited to $50,000.00 for a lifetime benefit.
  • Limited transportation coverage.
  • Medical fee schedules that will limit reimbursement for services, which will mean reduced access to all medical services and physicians.  Many providers will lose their jobs.

These are just a few of the reform items.

It’s time for us all to join in the fight to Protect Michigan’s Auto No-Fault system before it’s too late.  We are losing the fight with our politicians.

Please join the mailing list to receive updates and small actions needed to protect our Auto No-Fault.

Michigan insurance companies want to cap your injury and rehabilitation auto insurance benefits (known as Personal Injury Protection), which they say will save drivers about $10 per month for one year.

Here’s what insurance companies are not telling you about this legislation:
  • The insurance industry-backed legislation will result in little savings -- just $10 per month for ONE YEAR ONLY. After that, there are no guarantees of long-term savings. 
  • Drivers will have to purchase MORE insurance to protect themselves from underinsured drivers.
  • Seriously injured drivers will be FORCED onto welfare programs to pay for their care once their auto insurance hits the proposed limits, costing taxpayers tens of millions of dollars each year.
View a full analysis of the insurance industry's legislation, House Bill 4612, by clicking the link below:
Summary Analysis of HB 4612

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