Changes to Auto No Fault Reform Legislation

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There has been a flurry of articles and news segments resulting from Rep Bolger's announcement of changes to the Auto No Fault reform bill yesterday.

Basically the biggest changes in the reform bill are:
     *  The cap is raised to $10 million instead of $1 million.
     *  There is a mandatory 10% reduction of auto insurance rates for 2 years, which auto insurers are not happy about.
     * $25 assessment on every auto policy holder to raise the necessary funds for Medicaid

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Within minutes of his announcement, reporters and news outlets received CPAN's response (copy sent to CPAN members yesterday).
Below are links to many of the resulting articles:

Michigan Radio segment:

First article - MLive

2.20.14. WILX TV10. Auto Insurance Plan Would Reduce Rates, Place Cap on Injury Coverage ​

House Speaker Jase Bolger continued his push for more auto no-fault reforms this Thursday by unveiling a new proposal for a $10 million cap on the catastrophically injured’s medical insurance benefits. Our voices need to be heard now more than ever, and we are asking for your help to let Speaker Bolger know that we will not be giving up in our fight to protect Michigan’s no-fault system. Please take a moment to post a comment on his Facebook page. Tell your story, share a comment on why the system is so important. Rep Bolger Facebook page:

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