What are the Best Quality Faucets on the Market? The Master Plumber Says...

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Delta Faucet

So what's the best brand of faucet to install? 

I recently interviewed a master plumber, Tim of Saint Joseph, MI regarding recommendations for faucets that were high quality and maintenance-free.  I feel quite strongly that life should be as maintenance-free as possible Functional Homes, Inc. strives to only use high quality fixtures so our clients can have a beautiful hassle-free home.   Life is about more than taking care of a house.

So what did the master plumber say about the different brands on the market?

What not to buy:

Pfister- Pfister is very low end and tends to fall apart and leak easily.  Typically Pfister isn’t worth fixing, you’re better off to throw it away and get something more high quality.

Pfister price range:  $21.00-$350.00

Pfister faucet

Beautiful, expensive, and high quality but…

Grohe and Hansgrohe are definitely high quality and high end.  The fixtures are beautiful and their products are definitely high quality often lasting 12-14 years without requiring repair.  The big drawback with Grohe and Hansgrohe is that they only manufacture replacement parts for their fixtures for 7 years so by the time the faucets begin to fail there are no replacement parts so replacing the fixture is the only option.

Price ranges:

Grohe:  $109.00-$849.00
Hansgrohe:  $87.00-$992.00


So what is high quality, beautiful and easy to repair?

Our master plumber recommends Delta, Kohler, and Moen.  He says these companies make beautiful, good-looking fixtures and if your fixtures need repair parts are easy to get.

Price Ranges:

Delta:  $37.00-$435.00
Moen:  $76.00-$567.00
Kohler:  $89.00-$942.00



More advice from our master plumber:
  • ·      Take care of your fixtures, don’t push too hard to turn off/on.
  • ·      If you have a leaky faucet fix it right away.  If you wait several months the water that leaks forms a ‘trench’ in your fixture so replacing the faulty part doesn’t make a difference the fixture will still leak.
  • ·      Keep your pipes clean.  Wipes even if they say ‘flushable’ they are fibrous and will clog up your sewer lines.

Anyone else have anything to add?  I always am interested in what others' experience, please comment.

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cstarkloff said...

In our home, we installed single lever Delta faucets in 1977 in our home. We had very little trouble with them over the years and they are still there and working perfectly. My husband was quadriplegic and was able to turn the kitchen and bathroom faucets on and off without assistance because of their design, which provided great function. Thank you, Delta!

Colleen Kelly Starkloff
Promoter of the use and benefits of Universal Design in Home and Community Design