Update on Michigan Auto No Fault

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This morning, CPAN will release the attached media advisory to announce a press conference we have planned for Wednesday, Sept. 3 at 10:30 am in rooms 402/403 of the Capital.  We are calling this press conference to announce that CPAN plans to appeal its FOIA lawsuit against the MCCA to the Michigan Supreme Court. In addition to announcing our application to appeal, CPAN is releasing a study conducted on our behalf by Jay Angoff, Former Missouri Insurance Commissioner, analyzing the Profitability and Pricing of the Michigan Auto Insurance Market.  This study points out a number of inconsistencies in the reporting by insurance companies doing business in Michigan and that the annual per-car surcharge assessed by the MCCA and paid by policy holders has been approximately 15% higher than necessary over the long run.     You are more than welcome to attend if your schedule permits.

Also, I have attached the press release that was issued yesterday announcing that  Michigan Department of Community Health Director Jim Haveman is retiring for health reasons and will be replaced by Nick Lyon. As you know, Dir. Haveman was a strong supporter of our ANF system. While I have worked with Nick Lyon on other health care related issues, I have not discussed ANF matters with him, but he does have a very solid working relationship with the provider community.

Even though the House was in just one day this week, there were plenty of rumors about the fall session and more specifically about  lame duck.  The posturing of positions and issues between both House and Senate has begun.  I am aware of one significant issue surfacing in the House on behalf of a few Senators that while has nothing to do with ANF is linked in terms of trying to position support for a run at ANF in lame duck. I have talked with many House members on both sides of our issue and I do not see where there is any significant change in the vote count at this time. But, the Speaker remains adamant as to his stated final priorities. . . roads and ANF.  I believe only transportation (road ) funding is a priority for both Chambers and the administration.  So our fight continues. . . much will depend on the election results and how well and active we are in the campaigns.  Look in the near future for sign up of campaign volunteers in our targeted races to support candidates that support ANF.

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