Update on Michigan Auto No-Fault-Not Enough Votes to Change, Keep Calling your Legislators

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Just to let you know that while HB 5854 (assigned claims) was scheduled to be taken up today
 on Third Reading, no action was taken. The Michigan Insurance Coalition  (MIC) is pushing hard
on this bill but remains short of the necessary votes.   I expect this bill will remain in
play tomorrow(although not on the calendar for action) and Thursday which would take the bill
to the 5 day rule meaning  a first house bill has to sit in the other chamber at least five days prior
to final passage. So if the House adjourns for the week this Thursday and does not come back
until Tuesday, HB 5854 must move on to the Senate Thursday in order to meet this
constitutional requirement to be eligible for passage prior to the scheduled  Dec. 18th

We are watching for other multi section bills that amend the insurance code that could be used as a vehicle for the assigned claims changes if HB 5854 fails to move in the House this week.
While we continue to count the votes, the bill is currently around 6 to 8 votes short of the needed
56 to pass it.

We still have Reps Kesto and Somerville undecided at this time.

SB 1140 will likely move on Thursday in the Senate to make it past the 5 day rule. The insurance industry has rejected CPAN’s amendment to protect minors and mentally incompetent passengers driving in a stolen vehicle.  They have pledged to work with us in the House. We have pledged that
 we will need language included for these two categories or will strongly oppose the bill.

More later.


Kevin A. McKinney

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