Capitalizing on Home Modifications and the 2015 AOTA Conference

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So who is planning on going to the 2015 AOTA conference in Nashville?

 I went to the AOTA conference last year in Baltimore and met many great OT's who had their own home modification businesses.  Unfortunately I can't make it out to the conference until Saturday, April 18th but there are some wonderful sessions on the agenda for Saturday, see below.

I have a successful home modification business in Michigan and would like to support other OT's in the home mod field as well as continue to grow my business. So all you home mod. OT's with home modification businesses or aspiring home modification businesses or who have jobs doing home modifications let's meet to discuss what we as OT's can do to lead the home modification field, what works/doesn't work for marketing services, where the money is for home modifications and to discuss ways to make money and grow our businesses.

It is time for OT to take over the home modification world.  For anyone who is interested there will be a Home Modification for Business for Occupational Therapists meeting on Saturday at 5:30 pm after the last AOTA session for home mods, dinner will be an option.  Please plan on coming, we are all in this together.

Register for the AOTA Conference before March 11th for the Early Bird rate, click here to go to the website.

April 18, AOTA-Nashville

Saturday Sessions

Buzz 301.(SIS) HCHSIS Buzz Session: Thriving at Home-Tips and Tools for OTs in Home Health Settings


PO 6072.Enriched Home Environment Program for Pre- School Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders 
MCC Exhibit Halls AB

TD 307.Virtual Home Modification Education Assistant (VHMEA): A Problem-Solving Approach to Home Modification Training 
MCC Davidson Ballroom BC

PO 7020.Functional Leadership: Engaging the Everyday Practitioner 
MCC Exhibit Halls AB

TD 319.Mobile Apps for Home Modification Therapy Practitioners 
MCC Davidson Ballroom BC

WS 308.(BASC) Universal Design for a Lifetime: Interprofessional Collaboration and the Role of OT in Environmental Modifications 

SC 364.Interprofessional Primary Care in an Academic Medical Center: Journey From the Medical Neighborhood to the Medical Home 


Karen Davis said...

I sure wish I could go, but I just can't make it work. Will any of the sessions be recorded so that members can view them after the conference?

Karen Koch said...

Yes, I'm hoping to record it and then share it with people who are interested.:-)

Karen Davis said...

I will definitely be interested.