Michigan Auto No-Fault SB 248 Update-The Scales are Beginning to Tip in Favor of Preserving Auto No-Fault Let's Keep Pushing for Preserving our System

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We continue to whip count the votes and by almost everyone’s list, including other stakeholders and legislators, the proponents of SB 248 are well short of the needed 56 votes to pass the bill.  The House Republican Caucus was going to finish discussing the issue today at which point the leadership would have a good idea of the level of support of the bill as reported out of committee.  I have been told that there will NOT be an attempt to move the bill this week.  In fact, I believe the industry and House leadership are quite uncertain as to its next move.  I suspect the Senate will begin muscling in again and may try to match up  budget strategies with certain provider groups  when they move the budgets bills slated for next week in the Senate. 

Be certain however, I see the Senate Majority Leader weighing in sooner than later.  I have not heard that the Governor has engaged yet, if he even will.

Apparently, Mayor Duggan is to announce his D-Insurance proposal today or in the next few days with great fanfare in Detroit which would likely trigger Senate action as early as next week on that issue.  While I have not heard anything to the contrary, the Detroit Delegation has not wavered from its opposition to the Mayor’s proposal.  If it does become in play with movement in the Senate and over to the House, this does add a new dimension to the discussion/strategies.

CPAN continues to work thru the amendments needed to reach fair and balanced reforms as it pertains to SB 248. We are reviewing all amendments and making sure we keep our coalition process in place to advance CPAN changes at the appropriate time.  Timing remains the question with varying opinions.  Whether we can be successful in the reforms which include meaningful rate reduction or rate regulation is still uncertain as well.

Keep up the hard work. Keep your clients and employees contacting House members. We will let you know with as much advanced notice as we can the need to  return to Lansing. While I would not discourage anyone wishing to come up, I am not sure at this particular point  in time, it is the best use of your time.


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