Michigan Auto No-Fault, Urgent!!

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Two possible developments we have learned today:

  • 1.       Strong rumor that the City of Detroit insurance proposal may be substituted in the Senator Virgil Smith bill that was introduced earlier this week.  No Senate Insurance Committee noticed has been posted as of today.
  • 2.       More importantly, we are receiving reliable information that the House has targeted this coming Thursday April 30th to run SB 248 all the way.  Uncertain what has changed or will change to significantly alter the  current whip count but I suspect the Governor’s office engages and we know that Senate Majority Leader will be very active in his pursuit to get House members to support the bill.  Please plan on being in Lansing on Thursday for sure.  Anything changes we will notify you immediately.

    We now have over 3,000 emails and letters that have gone out between CPAN and BIA.  I also know there are significant resources being expended on media buys by MHA.

    More to share as I hear it.
    Kevin A. McKinney

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