Wheelchair Ramp Rant

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We have been getting beat on every ramp we've bid for this company we just got a contract for in a county up the lake from us.  Today I had a few home evaluations up north so I checked out one of the ramps we were outbid on (the other 2 haven't been installed yet.)

No wonder that guy outbid us?  What kind of hillbilly ramp is this?  32" rise and an 18' ramp with an 11-degree slope on one section, a 9-degree slope on one section and a 7-degree slope on the 3' section.  Code by the way is a 5-degree slope.

I don't know if you can tell from this picture but every section of the ramp has different slopes, and the turn platform at the top is not level.

And they didn't even have the entire foot of the ramp on the concrete.  They had a wood build-up why couldn't they make this work?  

 Even this little section's slope is 8-degrees.


I'm spitting nails right now!!


Anonymous said...

I will start by saying; IN NO WAY AM I DEFENDING THIS GUY!
If I were to talk strictly about the slope of the ramp. I would first ask,5 Degrees is code? Where is that residential code? We have installed a couple of way better ramps then this using the 2:1 ratio. So 32' of rise and a 18' ramp is not too far off in the RIGHT circumstance!!. What is CRAZY is the installers inability or ignorance of basic safety measures. We get this completely!!! we get out bid on local county or state waiver bids all the time and like you, I am more then curious to why sometimes. We have gone as far as sending pictures back the funding source to warn them of unsafe conditions. I have huge problems with ramp rental companies that show up and think they can get away with this... Thanks for posting

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