Review of the Best Portable Folding Wheelchair Shower on the Market

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There aren't many portable wheelchair showers on the market, but of the few this Fawsett portable folding wheelchair shower is the best. 

I've been getting several emails requesting where to get these showers, here is a link but please read on:

The shower comes in several sizes:
Standard:  36" wide x 36" long x 36" tall

42" wide x 42" long x 48" tall
Baritric: 48" wide x 48" long x 48" tall
Reclining: 36" wide x 74" long x 36" tall
How does it work?
This portable folding shower has a 15' hose that easily connects to most kitchen or bathroom faucets.  A pump is attached to the shower that pumps out the waste water through a hose that can be put in a sink or a toilet to drain the shower.

This shower is easy to set up and folds up flat for easy storage.

This is a great folding portable wheelchair shower.  Some clients use it for a shower and for privacy when utilizing a commode.  All of my clients have loved this shower.  The waste pump has more than enough power to pump out the waste water.  This is really a high quality portable wheelchair shower, I was happily surprised by the quality and my clients just rave about it.  One of my clients has been using this shower as their only shower for 6 years without issue.

FYI:  The only complaint I have had is that the shower must be dry before putting it away to prevent mold.  A squeegee is the best tool for this.

Here is a link for these showers:

Anyone else have any favorite portable showers?

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