SHARP Microwave Drawer Review

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Review from June 2016 Below: 

-Easy to use pop out control panel 
-Open/close button eliminates the usual work of pulling and pushing microwave door 
-16" by 16" inch cooking space 
-Located in a kitchen at a better height (eliminates reaching high) 
-Convenient placement options (in islands, under counters) 
-"Designed to fit your lifestyle" -SHARP Microwave Drawer
-Promotes easier meal preparation
-Easier to lift hot foods 
-Stir without removing from the microwave 
-Easy clean-up  
-Available in two widths: 24" and 30"

This would be a great option for clients with wheelchairs, clients with limited upper body strength/ROM, clients with limited height, and clients needing easy buttons to access. 

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Karen Koch said...

Great microwave!! I never saw this before, thanks for posting Kate.